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Home Town Sootopolis City
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 175cm
Weight 55kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Juan
Occupation Pokémon Coordinator
Previous Occupation Apprentice of Juan
Pokémon On Hand Salacia
Personal Status
Education Juan
Items Pokéball x 6
Ball Capsule
Mega Ring

Tethys (テシス, Teshisu) is a Pokémon Coordinator of some standing. She hailed from the Hoenn region, and was the apprentice of Juan for some time in Sootopolis City. Following her victory in the Lilycove City Contest, Tethys independently moved out to try and gain her place as a Contest Master. She currently travels the Pangaea region.



Tethys' contest attire.

Tethys is a rather attractive young woman whose appearance befits the depiction of Coordinators across the world. A particular feature of Tethys is her strikingly blue hair. While not very bright, it has a certain hue that draws people towards it. Depending on the situation, it can be long or short. In most casual situations, she lets it out freely. It stays rather curved and commonly goes to her chest. When placed into a contest situation, Tethys regularly styles her hair to look much shorter. She also straightens it in order for it appear a tad more striking. Almost complementing her blue hair are her pair of - strikingly - empty eyes. They have no pupils, and therefore commonly make Tethys appear emotionless, although this is clearly not the case. To avoid this, Tethys regularly applies contact lenses to make her eyes lavender in color, evidently giving her more attention by others. 

Tethys' general attire consists of a tight leather jacket which perfectly indicates at her curvaceous upper-body. The sleeves travel down to her wrists, and are then cuffed with white fur. On her lower body, she is seen wearing a black skirt, which has one slit on her left leg, exposing skin up to her upper-thigh. She is also seen with a unique tattoo stamped upon her leg. Along with this, she is seen wearing black stockings that go up to her lower-thigh and a pair of black boots. Tethys is almost always seen to adorn a black hat that covers her entire head, with white fur lining like her jacket, and a butterfly clip on it as well.




Mega Ring and Mega Stones

Other Items


On Hand