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Home Town Lilycove City
Age 26
Gender Female
Height 6' 0"
Weight 130lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Team rocket logo1 Team Rocket
Occupation Team Rocket Leader
Criminal Mastermind
Pokémon On Hand Goodra
Legendary Pokémon Genesect
Klefki (Modified)
Pokémon Seen 436
Pokémon Caught 245
Companions TBA
Base of Operations TBA
Personal Status
Marital Status Lover, Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Items Mega Stone (3)
Damp Rock
Shell Bell
Money 100,000,000

Sapphira Ricktov (Сапфира) is the undisputed head of Team Rocket, a vile and wicked woman trying to upset the balance of the world through organized crime, and localizing anarchy to upset the orderly system. In charge of various projects and leads, Sapphira prefers to act in the shadows, keeping her identity as the infamous criminal mastermind hidden. Holding innate skill as a Pokemon Trainer, Sapphira treasures her ability to bond with her pokemon, creating a swath of unrivaled danger and beauty as she works with her comrades.

History decorated and hidden behind intrigue and deception, Sapphira has kept her life a mystery. Born to a happy and loving family that lasted for a short time, replaced with broken memories and broken dreams. Sapphira aspired to gain retribution against those that had broken her childhood apart, becoming an aspiring young trainer, and one day, reaching for the power of truth and love, in the stars above, by becoming a member of the infamous criminal organization, Team Rocket. Taking to the group, Sapphira became a dangerous force of nature, aspiring to change the world on her path to retribution.

Cunning, brutal, and absolute in her beliefs, Sapphira has since taken over Team Rocket, reigniting their activity and creating a masterpiece plan to crash down the remainder of the world so that the Team thrives. Dauntless and fearless, Sapphira embodies the principles of Team Rocket to their core, and leads as a beckon to shake the regions at their foundations. Antagonist, Psychic, and playing out several personalities in the world, Sapphira heads the front of world change.




Team Rocket Head

Anarchist, Team Rocket Member

University Headmistress, Hoenn


Chapter 1: Happy Beginnings

Chapter 2: Burn it All Down

Chapter 3: Sad and Alone

Chapter 4: Becoming What You Fear

Chapter 5: Rule the World

Chapter 6: Capturing Genesect

Chapter 7: Out with the Old, In with Me

Chapter 8: Years of Crime, Present Date


Mega Evolution


Team Rocket






  • Sapphira has seen a total of 456 in person, and has captured a total of 245 herself.
  • Sapphira has only captured two shiny pokemon, of which are a Malamar and a Scolipede.
  • Sapphira's first pokemon was not caught with means of a pokeball; and later, proving impossible to capture due to it's immense willpower. This pokemon was Goomy.
  • Sapphira's first captured pokemon via a pokeball was a Spearow.
  • In total, Sapphira has traded 35 Pokemon, and stolen 74 in-person, two of which are from her previous mentor, Giovanni. These pokemon were Nidoking and Nidoqueen.
  • Currently, in possession of the legendary Genesect is Sapphira.

Behind the Scenes

  • Sapphira is a known pokephiliac, and stands by her pokemon lovers proudly.
  • Sapphira can technically have a total of eight pokemon on hand, as two were never caught. One modified to remain with her, while the other stays with her out of respect. 

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