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Normal | Mega
Type Dragon/Flying
Ability Air Lock
Delta Stream (Mega)
Gender Genderless
Height 50'00"
67'08" (Mega)
Weight 1210 lbs
2123 lbs (Mega)

Rayquaza is the legendary dragon who rules over the domain of the sky. It defends its territory, the sky and the Sky Pillar, feriously and without mercy. It is known to calm the conflicts between Kyogre and Groudon, and is both a member and master of the Weather trio alongside those two. The dragon is also known to be called a blessing, much like Ho-Oh, if it is seen at the start of one's journey. This is the case for Kamui, who would make it his goal to capture Rayquaza. Eventually, with gaining the Jade Orb and Draco Plate, Kamui did just that, making Rayquaza currently in Kamui's possession. This Rayquaza is also shiny.





  • Outrage
  • Dragon Ascent
  • Earthquake
  • Aqua Tail

Reserved Attacks

  • Extreme Speed
  • Iron Head
  • V-create


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