Home Town Guiang
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Weight 140
Professional Status
Affiliation TBA
Occupation Trainer
Pokémon On Hand ....
Legendary Pokémon Mewthree (On Hand)
Pokémon Seen 50
Pokémon Caught 16
Companions TBA
Base of Operations TBA
Personal Status
Relatives Okinako ~Sister
Education TBA
Items Pokédex
Nightmare Plate

Dusk Stone

Money TBA

Nakatsu (中, Middle)




During his youth, Nakatsu had a pretty hyperactive personality. Nakatsu to be quite fearless, shown by his frequents journeys into the forest and mountains of Guiang. Often resulting in a scolding by his parents. After being attacked, Nakatsu's personality changed. Becoming a calm individual and likes to plan ahead. He is known to be well mannered, respectful, soft spoken, and anything but abrasive to anyone he meets. Despite his generally soft, kind, and quiet demeanor, Kaname does have a powerful wrath, and it can be concurred rather quickly in some situations. He has a very swift and vengeful wrath, normally showing when his family is threatened. This rage is rare however, for even in battle he keeps a kind and respectful demeanor to even his opponents, giving them the decency of a talk before a real fight.



Nightmare Plate

The Nightmare Plate is a unique item created from a fusion of fragments of the Dread Plate and Mind Plate. Shortly after it's creation and the creation of Indra, the plate fused with Nakatsu. Creating a unique marking on his forehead. As a result of the fusion, Nakatsu gained limited psychic abilities. Such as being able to speak telepathically with others and levitate for brief moments. In addition to this, he is able to connect his mind with that of his pokemon. Lastly, with it he is able to create illusions to trick others.

Despite its advantages, at times the it causes him to lose control often attacking others. ~More Coming Soon~



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