Home Town Aelston
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 174 cm
Weight 65 kg
(143.3 lbs)
Professional Status
Pokémon On Hand Golbat
Legendary Pokémon Deoxys
Pokémon Seen 42
Pokémon Caught 41
Personal Status
Relatives Rhea (Older Sister)
Rakan (Younger Brother)
Items Pokeball (x102)
Great Ball (x42)
Master Ball (x1)
Potion (x28)
Super Potion (x53)
Berries (x38)
Money 1,740



Lucas has a very calm and level-headed demeanor. In contrast to his sister, he finds it better look for the path of least resistance in most situations...


Lucas was born as the second child of three in Aelston in the [[]] Region. His parents were both professors at a research lab and were quite busy with preparing other trainers for journeys. This left him and Rakan to the care of their elder sister, Rhea. However, Rhea, having already being held back from her trainerhood, inspired Lucas to take on the Pokemon world at just twelve years old. His parents noticed his desire but ultimately decided against his being a trainer. Unlike his sister, Lucas was not as quick to comply with his parents' wishes. He, alongside Rhea, accumulated enough money to purchase their own equipment for their journeys...




On Hand

In Storage

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