Hybrid Pokemon are unique pokemon that are born from the fusion of two pokemon creating a new entity.
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Blazeblitz a fusion of Blaziken and Talonflame


~Coming soon~


Natural Hybrids

Easier to come across, but rare. Natural type hybrids are born from pokemon that are in the same egg groups. Though are rare in getting a perfect hybrid of the two. Aside from this, Natural hybrids are can also be created when a ghost type possess and fuses with another pokemon. Be it another ghost type or not. Unlike the artificial hybrids, they can only possess two types are a given time.


Harder to come across, the artificial type are created in labs around the world at a price. With the company usually profiting from them. Unlike the Natural Hybrids, artificial hybrids are not tied down to the two type maximum, with several types can be added aside from the two at a price.


  • hybrid pokemon are unable to reproduce.
  • like normal pokemon, they are able to grow stronger, but do no evolve.
  • A user can only possess three hybrid pokemon across their characters. 

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