It was a normal day, the sun nestled in the middle of the sky, gleaming down over the terrain, lighting it in a warm orange glow. Several pidgey few though the sky, lead by a large Pidgeot. A school of Goldeen, swam up the Kaguya River, the Ōtsutsuki Forest rang with sounds of numerous pokemon. From the snow covered top of Fushizan Mountain, a calm breeze descended down, settling over the town of Guiang, embracing it in a gentle clam.

The small town of Guiang was known for many things, from the assortment of pokemon to the berries that grows in its vast forest, but non so much as Taketori Monogatari, a pokemon farm and daycare. Taketori Monogatari spanned one third of the small town. Known to be friendly to human and pokemon alike. Ran by a small family, consisting of a two children along with their mother and father. The family was well know and liked though out the village.

A Day Unlike Any Other

A young boy with tanned skin and black hair, set in the forest looking over the river, his gaze shifted down to a small creature with a white body playing by the river. He smiled "Are you having fun Rose?" the boy asked. The creature turned toward him "Ralts Ralts" it said with a smile. "Well I am you are having fun" the boy said. "So what do you want to eat today?", Ralts looked at him and places its hand on its head "Ralts Ralts......Ralts....Ralts" it said with a large smile. The boy laughed, okay, I will make it for you" he said laughing. "I will make them better then last time" he stated looking at Rose, who ran and jumped into his arms. The boy embraced her.

A breeze blew though his hair causing it to cover his face. He moved his hair out of his face, as he did a humanoid creature descended and hovered in front of him. The creature gazed at the young boy with its green eyes, before landing on the ground. "Hello Nakatsu, how are you today?" it spoke in a soft feminine voice. Nakatsu smiled "I am doing fine today, how are you Mewtwo?" he asked in a soft tone.

A light smile formed on Mewtwo's face "I am fine as well" it said softly. Within moments, Rose ran an jumped into Mewtwo's arms. Mewtwo smiled, "And how are you today, Rose?" it asked. In a happy gesture, Rose nodded her head and hugged Mewtwo. Nakatsu smiled, "she said you was going to cook something good tonight" Mewtwo said, Nakatsu nodded. "Do you want some?" he asked, Mewtwo nodded.

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